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Working voltage: DC5V-6V
Main components: MQ-2 smoke sensor, LM358 integrated chip
Function: Detecting liquefied gas, propane, hydrogen, natural gas, and other combustible gases. When flammable gas is detected, the red light is on, the buzzer sounds, and the relay acts. The three are activated at the same time. The probe needs to be warmed up for 1 minute, so it will work normally after 1 minute of power on.
Module size: 36*59mm
The module outputs a switching signal that can be controlled up to 220V 10A.

Package included:

5 x PCB board
5 x MQ2 sensor
5 x active buzzer
5 x 8P chip holder
5 x LM358 chip
5 x 5V relay
10 x KF3.96-2P terminal block
5 x 5MM green LED
10 x 5MM red LED
10 x 8050 triode
5 x 10K adjustable resistor horizontal
5 x 10 ohm resistor
20 x 2.2K resistor
30 x 10K resistor
5 x 104 monolithic capacitor

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