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The DS-CO2-20 is a digital CO2 concentration sensor based on the principle of non-dispersive infrared absorption. It continuously collects and calculates the concentration of carbon dioxide in air per unit volume and outputs it as a universal digital interface.
The sensor can be embedded in various instrumentation environment improvement equipment related to carbon dioxide concentration, providing timely and accurate concentration data.

Working Principle:
The sensor adopts the principle of non-dispersive infrared absorption, and has a single gas chamber and two channels, which can obtain the light intensity corresponding relationship and variation of the infrared light irradiated on the receiving device by two wavelengths, and according to the carbon dioxide for the infrared light of two wavelengths thereof. The absorption ratio function calculates the actual carbon dioxide concentration in the chamber.
Digital Interface Definition:

P1N1VCCPower supply (+5V)
PIN2GNDNegative power supply
PIN3TXDSerial Receiver Pin / TTL Level @3.3V
PIN4RXDSerial port transmit pin / TTL level @3.3V
PIN5RESETModule reset signal / TTL level @3.3V, low reset
Precision± (50ppm + 5% FS) 
Single response time<3Seconds (s)
Comprehensive response time^25Seconds (s)
DC supply voltageTyp: 5.0 Min: 4.5 Max; 5.5Volt (V)
Working currentPeak 400 average 40Milliamper (mA)
Stand-by current<=200Microamp (mA)
Data interface levelL <0.8 @3.3, H>[email protected]Volt (V)
Working temperature0-50Photographing degree (2)
Operating humidity0~85% non-condensing 
Storage temperature -40~85°CPhotographing degree (2)
Mean time between failures>=3Year (Y)
Pin spacing2Millimeter (mm)

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1 x CO2 Sensor

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