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Technical request :
Product model: ZF-2 (with code)
Transmission frequency:  315MHZ
Working voltage: DC 9V ~12V
Modulation method: ASK
Quiescent current: 0uA
Working current: 8~10mA
Coding type: learning code (EV1527)
Radiated power: 10~15mW
Shooting distance: 100-200 meters (receiver sensitivity -108dBm)
Volume: 26.3mm*23.3mm*9mm

1ANTRF signal input pin, this pin needs to be connected to the antenna
212V-DC power supply negative input pin
312V+DC power supply positive input pin

Rated parameterSymbolValue
DC power supplyVDD-VSS9V-12V
Storage temperature range (TS)TSTG -12°C to 75°C
Welding temperature +260°C 

Package includes:

20 x Receiving board


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